Talisman Fund-Raising Auction – Friday 8th October 7.30pm

A chance (at long last) to gather together with our theatre friends and family, enjoy a few drinks and of course help raise funds for the exciting development plans for the theatre. Check out the fantastic lots below that we’ll be auctioning off to the highest bidder on Friday 8th October at the Kenilworth Town Football Club on Gypsy Lane. Oh and the bar will be open!
We’re grateful to all the people and businesses who’ve donated lots. For each item you’ll find a description, value and the donor. If there are specific T&Cs for the lot, we’ve also explained them. At the bottom you’ll find information about bidding rules, please do have a read.

Two options to take part in the auction

  • You can attend in person by booking a ticket
  • You can send your bid for a specific lot in advance.
If you can’t attend but still want to make a bid – no problem. 

Just email talisman.fundraising@gmail.com with details of the lot you want to bid for, your maximum bid and contact details.  Have a look at the T&Cs at the foot of this page for detailed information on bidding.

Auction catalogue of lots

Everything you need to know about the auction

Venue, Tickets & Covid

• The auction will be held at Kenilworth Town Football Club, Gypsy Lane, Kenilworth, CV8 1FA on Friday 8th October 2021. Doors open at 7.15pm and the auction will start at 7.45pm.

• Tickets must be booked in advance at a cost of £1 each. All tickets will be entered into a prize draw which will be drawn during the auction.

• Lots will be offered in the order they are displayed in the auction catalogue.

• The event will be held in accordance with Covid guidance in force at the time of the auction which may require social distancing, mask wearing, etc. If for any reason this event cannot be held inside the club, then it will be held outside at the same venue.

Bidding and lots

• Lots with be offered in the order shown on this website.

• There’s no cash alternative to any of the lots offered.

• You can bid:
      – In person if you have bought a ticket and are at the venue on the night
      – By advanced bid.

• Advanced bids must be received by midnight on 7th October 2021.

• Advanced bids must contain the following information:

     – Full name of bidder
     – Description of lot being bid for
     – Maximum amount of bid
     – Contact phone number that the bidder will be available on during the 24 hours following the auction.

• Advanced bids can be sent by:
     – email to talisman.fundraising@gmail.com or
     – post to: Talisman Theatre, Barrow Road, Kenilworth CV8 1EG.

• Bidder information will only be held until the auction has concluded, after which it will be destroyed

• The auctioneer’s decision is final on who the lot is won by.

• Before bidding, please make sure you have read any specific conditions associated to each lot. 

Right to sell/reserve

• If an individual lot does not reach a sufficient value, the auctioneer will reserve the right to withdraw the lot from sale.

Paying for lots

• Lots must be paid for at the venue if the lot winner attends the auction, or
• Within 24hours of the auction if the lot is won by an advanced bidder.

• Lots can be paid for:
     – By cash or card (preferred) at the auction
     – Via JustGiving (details will be provided to the winning bidder)

• Lots will not be handed to the winning bidder until cleared funds have been received by the Talisman Theatre.