We’re auditioning for our autumn season including our annual Talisman Pantomime. Auditions are open and except where noted, none of the roles are precast. If would be great if you could let individual directors know if you’re interested in auditioning. You can read for as many plays and parts as you like.

 Sunday 28th April 10am registration & coffee for a 10.30am start
• Vicar of Dibley
• The Railway Children
• Someone who’ll watch over me

Sunday 19th May 10am registration & coffee for a 10.30am start
The Frog Prince – pantomime

Sunday 28th April 10am at the Theatre


Playing dates: Monday 2nd to Saturday 7th September 2019

Based on the TV series by Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew-Archer

Director David Draper – please contact for information & scripts 07841 130307 /
Based on the popular TV series, this clever stage adaptation was originally produced in 2011. All the well-known characters are in this adaptation, centred around the Vicarage and Parish Hall in the village of Dibley.

Cast list:
Geraldine Granger – already cast.
David Horton – pompous council leader. 50’s
Hugo Horton -his son. Pleasant, if a little dim. Late 20’s
Frank Pickle – secretary on the council. 50+
Owen Newitt -local farmer. Earthy and expressionless. 40’s
Jim Trott – No, no, no – yes, Jim! 50’s
Alice Tinker – The verger. Blonde and scatter-brained. 20’s
Woman 30’s – only one line!
5 children – Archie, Katie, Cameron, Lizzie & Luke

Sunday 28th April 10am at the Theatre


Playing dates: Monday 7th to Saturday 12th October 2019

By E. Nesbit adapted for the stage by Mike Kenny

Director: Steve Smith – please contact if you’re interested/ want a script/ want to discuss a role 01926 633472 or

Synopsis: This is a modern adaptation of the famous book and film which had very successful runs at both York Railway Museum and Waterloo Station. It tells the story of a prosperous Edwardian family brought close to poverty in the rural north of England, exploring the excitement and anxiety of childhood.
The play will be staged in a minimal setting and will have an energetic, improvised feel. Naturally there won’t be a Steam Engine! In this version the three central parts of Roberta (Bobbie), Peter and Phyllis are written as young adults looking back over their recent past and not as the ages they are in the story. Apart from Mother, Perks and the Old Gentleman all other adult roles will probably be doubled and everyone will be involved in ensemble pieces (including a small group of children who will play Mr. and Mrs Perks’ family).

Cast list:
Bobbie (Roberta) Eldest of the Railway Children
Peter Next Eldest
Phyllis Youngest
Mother (speaks some French*) Late 30’s – 40’s
Father (may double as Doctor) Late 30’s – 40’s
Perks (Station Master) 40’s – 50’s
The Old Gentleman Old in the eyes of the children (speaks some French*)
Cook/Mrs Viney 50’s
Butler/Mr Szezcpansky 40’s – 50’s (The latter speaks Russian and French*)
Maid/Mrs Perks late 30’s – 50
The 3 Perks Children Somewhere 8 – 15
Jim (Public School Boy) Young Adult (same range as the Railway Children)
The District Superintendent 20’s – 50’s
2 Railway Workers (will be cast from the ensemble)
*Don’t let the languages issue put you off auditioning. The Russian is written phonetically and although the French isn’t, I can help with pronunciation. If necessary, I can record both.
Scripts are now available. They will be numbered and you must return them or bring them to the audition (they cost £9.00 each and we can’t afford to lose them!).

Sunday 28th April 10am at the Theatre


Playing Dates: Monday 4th to Saturday 9th November 2019

By Frank McGuinness

Director – Rod Wilkinson – please contact for scripts

Synopsis: ‘Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me’ tackles the themes of terrorism, kidnapping, cultural bias and conflict. Focusing on the psychological toll of those caught in the middle. It sounds a bit grim, but there’s also a lot of fun and humour in this wonderful, acclaimed, award winning script.
An American doctor and an Irish journalist are being held captive by terrorists in Beirut. They are joined by an English academic. The three display national biases and prejudices which are intensified in the cramped confines of their cell. They jest and argue, but are supportive in their mutual determination to survive. Protecting their sanity through telling stories, playing games, singing songs and acting out imaginary scenarios.
The roles demand actors who can portray the men’s fear, prejudices, friendship, humour and hope.
Roles: The playing ages range from 25 to about 59.
Adam: American, doctor
Edward: Irish, journalist
Michael: English, professor

Sunday 19th May 10am at the Theatre


Playing dates – 15 performances between Thursday 19th December 2019 – Saturday 4th January 2020 (please check website for specific dates and times)

By Stephen Duckham

Director/choreographer – Sally Jolliffe

Panto here we come, oh yes we do!
Firstly, please can I say hi! This is my first solo adventure as director/choreographer! I’m sure, with The Frog Prince (by Stephen Duckham) we can make this year’s panto a great one but to do this I need lots of lovely people to join me and show your full support!!  I need principals and I need a strong chorus!

Cast List (in order of appearance)
Marco the Magician – not the best magician – a little dithery, but an old friend to the prince with a heart of gold and loyal to the end. Strong character / narrator required. Singing as part of a duo.
Prince Karl / Frog Prince – Heir to the Kingdom of Beautora and betrothed to Princess Marina of Splendora – strong male lead with the ability to be agile as the Frog Prince. Solo singing required
Princess Marina – of Spendora – strong principal girl, betrothed to Prince Karl of Beautora. Solo singing required
Nardia – Cousin of Princess Marina … jealous and evil …. The “baddie” who always tries to get her way. Solo singing required and interaction with the audience, as necessary.
Gerda – Sister of Nadia … a naïve, younger sister who is easily manipulated by Nardia – strong comedy and singing required.
Lord Chamberlain – straight laced and a “jobsworth” – part possibly doubled with King Neptune (end of Act 1)
Queen Bea – Mother of Princess Marina and the “Dame”. *PART ALREADY CAST*
King Bumble – Father of Princess Marina / husband to Queen Bea – strong character and comedy required (although always seems to follow in the wake of Queen Bea).
King Neptune – Ruler of the underwater Kingdom – regal and commanding (possibly dou-bled with Lord Chamberlain)


I have performed in many a Talispanto chorus … and had a fabulous time! The chorus needs to be made up of a good mixture of adults and children. I cannot stress enough how im-portant the chorus is in pantomime. We need a strong opening number to get the audience in a good mood and we need a strong acting chorus throughout to drive the story. There are always little extra parts that can be fulfilled by the chorus members throughout the show! The chorus is an absolute must as far as I’m concerned. People can meet up socially over the Xmas period and have huge amounts of fun learning the songs and routines, without the pressure of lots of lines!
There’s no panto without a chorus so please sign up to join in with this great Talisman tradition and have an absolute ball at the same time!
Hope to see you all at the auditions, Sally X

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