There are more auditions to come for our autumn season, so please keep checking back for information.


by Helen Edmundson, from George Eliot’s novel

Audition date: September 1st 10.00am

Playing dates 20th -25th April 2020.

Director: Chris Carpenter

Edmundson takes George Eliot’s classic tale and gives it the inimitable Shared Experience treatment.

Maggie Tulliver is feisty, strong and passionate – one of the first truly feminist heroines in literature. The play, like the novel, follows her journey from childhood into adulthood, tracing her relationships with would-be lovers and husbands, her parents and, most importantly, her brother Tom. The mill and its river are never very far away, shaping and determining the events of both play and novel.

A cast of 8 will be entrusted with all the many characters, sound effects and much of the staging itself -so the actors will need to be flexible and to turn their hands (and the rest of their bodies!) to almost anything – exciting stuff!

The complexities of Maggie’s character are realised by having 3 female actors portray her different aspects.


1.     Mr Toliver/Dr Kenn: 

2.     1st Maggie               

3.     Bob Jakin, Philip Wakem/Uncle Clegg

4.     2nd Maggie/Aunt Clegg 

5.     Tom Tulliver/Wakem

6.     Steven Guest/Mr Stelling/Uncle Glegg

7.     Lucy Dean/Mrs Tulliver

8.     3rd Maggie/Aunt Pullet

Actors will play characters of varying ages therefore but 2, 5 and 6 should ideally be young.

This should be a challenging and rewarding production. We will start rehearsal at the end of Feb/early. March and take a short break at Easter.

For more details, or a script, please contact the Director, Chris Carpenter on 01926 856282 or


by Amanda Whittington

Audition date: September 1st 10.00am

Playing dates May 18th – 23rd 2020

Director: Graham Buckingham-Underhill 

It’s time to follow the likely lasses from Hull fish docks again.  In their last outing they won a fortune at the races in Ladies’ Day.  Now the four of them – Pearl, Jan Shelley and Linda – are celebrating with a trip of a lifetime to the land of Oz.  While Shelly dreams of luxury and glamour the rest of them decide to go native and camp out under the stars at Uluru.  But as they soon discover they each have new lives to discover and conquer. 

This is a fast-paced comedy with multi locations as we travel around Australia.  The ladies are from Hull and the accent is important as the language of the writing has a rhythm born of that area. Apart from the four ladies there are several male roles which can either be cast separately or played by two actors. These roles are from Australia to Hull, so the ability to have acceptable accents is required.


Pearl     40–50 a retired fish-packer

Jan        40–50 her workmate

Shelley  20–30 her workmate

Linda     20–30 her workmate

The ages are a guide and can be played by anyone suitable

Tom       a fire fighter, Australian

Joe        Jan’s boyfriend, Hull

Bill         a flight attendant, Manchester

Charlie  a dropout, English

Koala Bare     a drag queen, Australian

Bondi Bitch    a drag queen, Australian

Ben       a flight attendant, Manchester

Shane   a surfer, Australian

For more information contact director Graham Buckingham-Underhill on 07904 362393

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