THE TALISMAN THEATRE Diversity Statement for Auditions

“If you audition for plays at The Talisman Theatre you will be cast on ability and suitability for a role, regardless of ethnicity, The only exceptions will be where a particular ethnicity is clearly logical or expressly specified by the author. This has always been so in relation to disability and sexuality and this remains the case. We will also seek opportunities to be creative in casting, for example, changing the gender of a role where an auditionee is the best choice, and where this is coherent within the context of the play. (Please note, occasionally Authors and/or Rightsholders refuse permission for this.)”

Sept 2020





Ladies Down Under Audition Sunday 19th June 11am

G’day, at last we are getting back to normal and this production, which was due in 2020, will now be on in 2023. The dates are 30th Jan – 4th Feb. As it’s been a while since it was first cast unfortunately, some people are no longer available so I am holding an audition on Sunday 19th June at 11.00am in the Talisman Studio.

The play is the sequel to Ladies’ Day, which we did in 2017, and follows the on-going fortunes of the four fish packers after their success at the races. Needless to say, they travel to Australia, hence Ladies Down Under.
The three of the ladies have been cast together with one of the men. Shelley is loud, brash with a dash of sadness, playing age 25-30. The men’s parts can be played by two actors or by up to nine and since the last audition I have an open mind about how to do this. The parts are varied and need good comic timing the age range between 20 – 60.

The parts available are:
Shelley – A fish packer from Hull
Tom – Fire fighter
Joe – Boyfriend of Jan
Bill and Ben – Flight attendants
Shane – Surfer (just wears shorts)
Charlie – Aristocratic, beach-bum
Danny – Biker
Koala and Bondi – 2 drag queens.

I have already had some interest in these parts, but we have an open audition policy so I would like to see anyone who may be interested. My contact number is 07904 362393 if you want a chat.

Graham Buckingham-Underhill