Sunday 3 June at 2:00 pm
My Mother Said I Never Should
by Charlotte Keatley
Directed by Mary MacDonald
Playing dates: 5 10 November 2018
Cast: 4 Women.
Doris Partington - mid- fifties - Great-Grandmother
Margaret Bradley - forties - Grandmother
Jackie Metcalfe - twenties - Mother
Rosie Metcalfe - mid-late teens - child

Setting: Manchester and London - spanning the 20th century.
These characters are all members of the same family and all play themselves from children to adults.
Please keep in mind that this will demand a certain amount of physicality.
Please make sure that you have the opportunity to read the play before the audition. Contact Mary MacDonald on: 07957812343 for a script..

Sunday 3 June at 10:00 for 10:30 am
by Stephen Duckham
Directed by Amanda Dodd
& Sally Jolliffe
Playing dates: 21 December 2018 - 5 January 2019
It's Panto time again folks. Who's up for a fun filled magic carpet ride this year?

Aladdin - Principal Boy. We are going traditional this year and looking for a strong, cheeky and charismatic lady to take on the role. Big personality, strong vocals and presence are essential. Singing audition needed.
Princess Jasmine - Principal Girl. An independent, driven and aspiring Princess. Warmth, confidence and strong vocals are essential. Singing audition needed.
Widow Twankey - Traditional Dame. Must be able to sing and work the audience.
Wishee Washee - Aladdin's brother. Could be older or younger than Aladdin. Strong comic timing. Singing required. Must be a pair with Not-so-shy.
Abanazar - The baddie.....and boy he's bad! No silly accents. Powerful delivery and presence. Non singing.
Not-so-shy - Handmaiden to Princess Jasmine and eventual girlfriend to Wishee Washee. Small amount of singing required. Jolly hockey sticks character.
Chop and Suey - Rather inept police force. Lots of slap about and movement. Non singing. One girl, one boy. The girl is the Sergeant!
Emperess - Mother to Princess Jasmine. Trying to hold on to traditional values. Very austere....doesn't smile much. Non singing.
Slave of the Ring - She wiggles.....lots, stopping Abanazar in his tracks frequently. Fabulous figure. However, when she opens her mouth it's a different matter! Geordie/Scouse and not very bright or energetic. Think Melanie Sykes in the Boddingtons advert. Non singing.
Genie of the Lamp - Looking for a character here. He could be an Elvis impersonator, could be slightly camp and obsessed with 'bling'....open to ideas. Must move and sing well....at the same time would be a bonus!
Adult chorus: Singing, dancing, energy and pzazz...........need we say more.
Children's chorus: One team only. Maximum of 10 with a mixture of boys, girls and ages.
Message from the directors:
As most of you know, Sally and I have both been involved with pantomimes, either on or offstage, over the years; and so feel ready to step up and follow in the footsteps of all the illustrious Talis-folk who have stepped up before! We're looking forward to seeing everyone interested in being involved with the panto at the auditions / open morning on Sunday, June 3rd at 10 (for 10.30 start). First, we will all learn a little bit of a song and then we will work with all children and adults wanting to be considered for the ensemble (some movement and merriment will ensue!). We will then work with all interested in the named characters and hear some singing, if required. Finally we will ask anybody interested in either Aladdin or Princess Jasmine to stay back and work through some dialogue and vocals. We look forward to seeing you all and hope that everyone enjoys the morning. It's a chance to catch up with friends / make new ones, so please don't be worried, we want the morning to be a fun and inclusive affair for all concerned!
Any questions or further information required, please contact Amanda Dodd on 079177 10912 or Sally Jolliffe on 07715 175797.
Amanda Dodd

Sunday 15 July at 10:00 for 10:30 am
The Weekend
by Michael Palin
Directed by
Vicky Whitehill

Playing dates: 4 - 9 February 2019
This hilarious play( with a darker side) is Michael Palin's only stage play first appearing in the West End in 1994.
Cast (ages as a guideline only):
Stephen Feeble - retired , around 60....................... CAST
Virginia - his long suffering wife, .a bit younger
Diana - their daughter, mid thirties
Alan - Diana's husband, a specialist in bulk cargo handling techniques. mid thirties

Charlotte - their daughter, .teenager(?)
Pippa - their dog.

Duff Gardner - neighbour, retired 60ish
Bridget Gardner - his wife, .mid 50s
Hugh Bedales - a society chiropodist., 60ish ( smooth!)
Mrs Finlay - a Marxist cleaning lady, .any reasonable age.
God - (off).
For further infromation, please contact the director, Vicky Whitehill (vickywhitehill@me.com).

Sunday 15 July at 10:00 for 10:30 am
King Charles III
by Mike Bartlett
Directed by
John Scampion
A penetrating, political drama -with a light touch and approachable style. Written by Mike Bartlett and first performed in London in 2014. Since then it has toured and also been produced for television.
Charles has at last become King on his mother's death and immediately an issue has arisen in which he expresses his strongly held beliefs on press freedom and regulation so creating a political and constitutional crisis. This is the background to a searching inquiry of the role of monarchy in 21st century Society and an examination of the ambitions and consciences of those most involved -the senior royals. It is teasingly funny though not satirical, thought provoking and challenging but not dismissive. It has been critically acclaimed whilst stirring up - perhaps inevitably - some controversial reaction.
It's written in blank verse which in performance gives echoes of a Shakespearian form and tone but-crucially -a freshness and easy accessibility for an audience. It is a pleasure to listen to it as the actors, certainly in the two performances I have seen, are at ease with its style.
There are 24 characters in all and so casting will be interesting at the very least- but with so many opportunities. We will double and treble and so everyone should have a good chunk to cope with and we expect to finish up with a cast of 15 or 16. . Five characters are instantly and closely familiar- Charles, Camilla, William, Kate and Harry; to cast them we don't need lookalikes but do need to catch a resonance, maybe in appearance , or in voice, or demeanour to convince. As to the others, there is a really interesting range and mixture, politicians though none is recognisable, civil service types, clerics, Harry's girlfriend and quirky pals, press. Crowd scenes will all be played by the cast. Altogether this is a play to stretch skills and imagination but above all I think it will be fun to work on together.
Because of the size of the cast the first audition/reading at the Talisman theatre is 15th July: 10am for coffee with a start at 10.30 It goes on in April 2019. I should be able make a script available but on the strict basis of its being returned by the time of the reading.
John Scampion, Director


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