Auditions : Sunday 18th November 2018 – 10am

‘Strangers on a Train’ by Craig Warner – Adapted from the novel by Patricia Highsmith

Production Dates Monday 3rd to Saturday 8th June 2019
Director: Gill Bowser

Play synopsis

America in the 1950s. Two young strangers meet in the dining-car of a train: Guy Haines, an ambitious architect and Charles Bruno, a charming but spoilt mother’s boy with a liking for drink. Because they’re strangers they “can say anything they like” to one another. So much so that Bruno proposes the perfect murder: he will kill Guy’s feckless, unfaithful wife, and in return, Guy will kill Bruno’s much-hated father. Amused, Guy parts from Bruno never imagining he will see him again or that Bruno was serious. But Bruno was deadly serious and when he kills Guy’s wife, he expects Guy to fulfil his part of the proposition.

Charles Bruno –wealthy, spoilt and a mother’s boy
Guy Haines – successful architect, in love with Anne
Elsie Bruno – mother to Charles, glamorous and beautiful
Anne Faulkner – Guy’s lover and subsequently, wife – sweet, loving and trusting of Guy
Frank Myers – work colleague to Guy
Robert Treacher – long term friend to Guy
Arthur Gerard – detective – dedicated to his work and astute

An American accent is required for all parts.

Rehearsals will begin before Easter (Friday 12th April) with a break over the Easter weekend. 
Scripts are available from Gill Bowser (01926 855175, 07715 631317,

'Deckchairs' by Jean McConnell

Production Dates Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd March 2019
Director: Various

This is a collection of five short plays, quite independent of each other, requiring two female characters in each.

'Theatrical Digs' a comedy – 1 elderly, 1 middle-aged
'Late Frost' a drama – 2 middle-aged
'Garden Pests' a comedy – both 50+
'Last Post' a drama – 1 in her 60’s, 1 in her 40’s
'Doggies' a comedy – both 30+

Actresses can take part in one or more of the plays and directors can take on one or more plays.

Please contact me on 07817 100483 or email: for more information and scripts.

Audition : Sunday 2nd December 2018 – 10am

British Amateur Premier

‘YANK! A musical' Book and Lyrics by David Zellnik. Music by Joseph Zellnik

Production Dates Monday 8th to Saturday 13th July 2019
Rehearsing from around 20th May

Set during WW2, the story follows the writings in a journal belonging to a Private Stewart from when he leaves his home to join the US army and then become a reporter for YANK Magazine. It requires a cast of 10 Men and 1 Woman and has a score that is full of rich melodies and catchy 1940’s style songs.

Main Characters
Please note the age range is the ‘look’ not actual!
Stu/Private Stewart   Age 19. Innocent and at first naïve young man who finds out about himself in the confined conditions of an army platoon.
Mitch   Age 29-35. Tall, handsome All-American guy.
Artie   Age 28-35 Slightly flamboyant photographer of Yank magazine. Must be a good tap dancer.
Louise etc   Age 25-35. An all-round entertainer as she plays every female role from a strong Army Sergeant to Judy Garland type singer plus everyone’s girlfriend/wife!
The rest of the characters have a main role, but also double as others in the story.
Their ages range from early 20’s to 40+
Tennessee   Strong manly guy. Bit of a bully.
Rotelli   Italian
  Guys in the squad
Military Policeman
  All in the squad but also double
All must be able to sing and move. In some cases tap would be useful but not compulsory.
Please contact Stephen on 07817 100483 or email: