Friday 7 December at 2:30pm


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"A thriller that keeps you nailed to your seat"

Miriam has left husband Antoine and now seeks sole custody of their 12-year-old son Julien. At the public hearing there are accusations of violence and hints that not everyone is being entirely honest. The judge must decide whether the reasonable, seemingly repentant Antoine deserves the benefit of the doubt. Her decision is the starting point for a brilliantly acted tale in which director Xavier Legrand escalates the tension towards breaking point. Thomas Gioria's compelling performance as Julien tells us all we need to know as he flinches from his father's touch and his expressive eyes convey a mixture of panic and plucky defiance. Custody starts quietly but by the end you will be holding your breath - and perched on the very edge of your seat! French with English subtitles

Running Time : 93min.

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