Mon 1 - Sat 6 Oct 2018 7:30pm

Journey's End

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"Sherriff's play comes straight from the heart." - Guardian

This ground-breaking play remains one of the most powerful and successful pieces of modern drama and one of the most acclaimed examples of literature that deals with the tragedy and horror of conflict. Set over the course of four days leading up to a massive German attack on the British trenches in 1917, Journey's End charts the tension and claustrophobia as the new recruit to the company, Lieutenant Raleigh, discovers that Captain Stanhope, his former childhood friend and hero, has changed almost beyond recognition.
Please note : The Talisman sound system is very good and there will be loud explosions from time to time!

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Director - Steve Smith
SM - Stephen Duckham
Designer - John Ellam

Captain Hardy - Oliver Jacques
Lieutenant Osborne - Colin Ritchie
2nd Lieutenant Raleigh - Laurie Weston
Captain Stanhope - Dave Crossfield
2nd Lieutenant Trotter - Martin Donaldson
2nd Lieutenant Hibbert - Ben Wellicome
Mason - Paul Sully
Company Sergeant Major - Chris Stanford
The Colonel - John Francis
A German Soldier - Harry Bowser
Broughton and other soldiers - Company Members

Lighting - Steve Roberts
Sound - Dik Thacker
Wardrobe - Dee Francis
Prompt - Vicky Whitehill
Prompt - Simon Richards