The Wonders of the Wardrobe

Are you interested in costume? Do you enjoy sewing? Would you like to be involved in the theatre, but not on the stage? Well here is your opportunity!

We are embarking on a complete overhaul of our wardrobe department and seeking to re-organise the way it is run. To this end we are looking to pull together a team of people who have a range of skills and a bit of spare time to be involved with our busy production schedule throughout the year.

We are looking for people who could:

  • Pull costumes for a production, and assist with fittings
  • Do alterations and repairs to costumes on an adhoc basis
  • Assist with the general maintenance of the wardrobe department
  • Assist with the hire of costumes
  • Work backstage during the week of a show to assist with dressing

Please note, you do not have to do ALL of the above - just the ones you feel comfortable with!

If you are interested, we will be holding a meeting on Wednesday March 15th in the Talisman Theatre bar, starting at 7.30pm. This will be a chance to meet everyone, give a broad outline about how we would like the Wardrobe function to run and discuss any ideas or thoughts you may have.

If you are interested, but unable to attend the meeting, please contact me for an informal chat:

Mobile 07971 147892 Email rosemary.g@ntlworld.com

Many thanks - I look forward to meeting you soon.

Rosemary Gowers



2016 Talisman Theatre