The Talisman Theatre is temporarily closed until the end of 2020.

Short audio plays from the Talisman Theatre

Here at the Talisman we want to keep Theatre alive during these difficult times.  So whether you’re relaxing after work or trying to fill your days, we offer the chance to take a little break, sit down with a cuppa (or a glass of something) and enjoy a short audio play.  Each weekend we’ll post a new short play.

‘The Boor’ by Anton Chekhov

A comedy set in Elena Popova’s drawing room exactly seven months after her husband’s death. She’s visited by Smirnov, a rude landowner, who is looking to collect a debt owed by her late husband. With her estate manager away, she cannot pay so he decides to camp in her salon!
Featuring Ruth Herd, John Spencer, Dave Crossfield, Steve Smith and Wendy Morris. Directed by Dave Crossfield.

‘Unlocked’ by Teresa Robertson

Set in hairdressing salon, welcoming back clients after the lockdown is lifted. When a new client takes salon owner Angela into her confidence, misunderstanding and mayhem follow!
Featuring Mary Dunn as Rachel, Sharon Sully as Sarah, Teresa Robertson as Angela and Paul Sully as Rob. Directed by Jane Yates.

‘The Nightingale and the Rose’ by Oscar Wilde

Maggie Brayshaw reads this story which begins with a young student lamenting in his garden because the love of his life will only dance with him at the ball if he brings her a red rose – but there’s no red rose in his garden.

Six Modern Monologues by Luke Harriott

Six interesting, clever, funny and very short monologues portray a different view on some real and fabled stories.
Featuring David Charlton, Chris Ives, Harry Bowser, Susanne Jackson-Maine, John Ellam and Ann Richards.

A 1920’s comedy double bill directed by Stephen Duckham

‘Private Wives’ by Barry Creyton

Two adjoining hotel balconies, two people on their respective honeymoons – not the scene one was expecting!  Featuring Julie-Ann Randall and Simon Moss

‘Early Mourning’ by Noel Coward

An early morning telephone call leads to confusion before the first martini!  Featuring Julie Godfrey and Wendy Morris.

The Selfish Giant – by Oscar Wilde

The children love to play in the garden by the castle. But the Giant who lives there has returned from his trip….and he doesn’t like sharing!
Read by Bill Wilkinson

‘The Field’ by Scott Cartwright

After running away from home, Leah has been living rough. Can Mark bring her back home?
Featuring Youth Theatre members Oliver and Heather, directed by Caroline McCluskey.


‘Heart’s Desire’ by Ali Kemp and Deborah Klayman

– is a gameshow presented by veteran presenter, Sally Sparkle, and the handsome younger Ade Aduba. Best friends, Jenny and Rachael, enter the gameshow but will they win their “Heart’s Desire”?
Featuring Nick Doughlin, Lucy Maxwell, Kelly Davidson & Sarah Young. Directed by Corrina Jacob.

‘Boom Room’ by Chrissy Evans

Technology is still a stranger to Adrian, a failed actor turned accountant and now retired. He’s trying to use a new video app to rekindle old friendships – much to the despair of his long-suffering wife!
Performed by Phil Reynolds, Lorna Spenser, Des McCann, Sally Jolliffe and Simon Moss. Directed by Stephen Duckham.

‘Mr Willoughby’ by Peter Lancaster Walker

Cynthia Bodkin, a reporter with the Daily Discord who writes articles on mysterious things, conducts an interview with Mr Augustus Willoughby, purported to be the local expert on alien abduction. Strange things unfold!
Featuring Cat McDonald as Cynthia and Jack Yardley as Mr Willoughby, directed by Penny Amis. This is a Side by Side production. They are a charitable organisation, involving adults with and without learning disabilities, which develops and produces inclusive theatre. To find out more go to 

‘The Happy Prince’ by Oscar Wilde

Wilde’s heart-warming and powerful story of friendship, loyalty, compassion, love and sacrifice, which he created, over one hundred years ago for his children.
Read by Jeremy Heynes

‘A Chance’ by Max Porter

Linda is going through a difficult phase in her life: new baby, lack of money, health problems – and now her partner hasn’t turned up at their secret meeting place – again. Has she found a sympathetic ear?
Featuring Anne Bennett and Fay Staton. Directed by Jill Laurie.
Please note: this play contains some strong language
This production is presented by arrangement with Smith Scripts

‘Box and Cox’ by John Maddison Morton – adapted and abridged by John Fenner

Set in Mrs Bouncer’s London boarding house, in a room with 3 doors, this is a zany farce.
Featuring: John Francis, John Nichols and Vicky Whitehill. Directed by Chris Carpenter.

‘Faces’ by Stephen Duckham

Set on the Yorkshire Moors and in the Italian countryside near Genoa…on a wild and stormy night an old farmer begins to tell a mysterious tale…

Featuring: Dawn Morris, Kelly Davidson, Wendy Morris, Steve Smith, Nick Doughlin, Phil Spencer & Martin Donaldson. Directed by Steve Smith.

‘A Break’ by Max Porter:

On a grassy hillside overlooking a housing estate, Joe is followed to a park bench by the aggressive Josh. Featuring Henri West and Dave Crossfield and directed by Dave Crossfield

Please note: This short play uses language from the start which some listeners may find offensive.

Answered Verse by Peter James (adapted by Craig Shelton)

Members of Kenilworth School’s Year 12 drama students explore an interesting concept; what happens when you take some of the worlds’ most famous poems and offer a repost.
Thanks to Rob Thompson for the sound recording and Dik Thacker for the final edit.

‘The Signalman’ by Charles Dickens

A short ghost story first published in 1866 which we’ve turned into a 15-minute play.
Featuring Michael Barker as The Signalman, Phil Reynolds as The Traveller, and Rod Wilkinson as The Engine Driver. Adaptation, direction and technical production by Phil Reynolds.

‘Acting the Part’ by Peter James

This week a dramatic piece exploring the trials and tribulations actors go through during the rehearsal process …

Featuring Christine Carpenter as Agatha and Katherine Buckingham as Beatrice. Directed by Graham Underhill.

‘Dragon, Cleolinda and George’ by Margaret Crompton.

So you think you know the REAL story behind ‘George and the Dragon’ eh? Think again! Our reporter gets the lowdown from the Dragon and Cleolinda – in person. No more false truths or silly speculation. ‘TRUE TRUTH’ magazine finds facts!
Featuring Tara Lacey, Julia Findlay and Julie-Ann Randell. Directed by Tara Lacey.

‘He Said She Said’ by Alice Gerstenberg:

Enid invites two friends, Mrs Packard and Diana, to dine with her and her husband Felix. However, upon arriving, Mrs Packard has a piece of gossip for Enid about Diane that threatens to ruin the night and to end friendships.

This play features four members of our Youth Theatre; Isaac, Claudia, Imogen and Alice.

A Thought by Max Porter

An interesting short play looking at the idea that  ‘not everything is as it seems’.

A vicar and a nun meet on a bench at a secluded local beauty spot – let’s see what happens next …

Rosemary Gowers directs Alice Scott and Craig Shelton. 

A Pleasure by Max Porter

A gentlemen enjoying the view from a park bench, is joined by a lady on her way home from the shops. They share a coffee and a chat. Just a chance encounter…or is it?

Cast: Bryan Ferriman as Clifford and Susi Walker as Stella, they’re directed by Vicky Whitehill.

Shakespeare Unlocked

Our artistic director Stephen Smith, accompanied by Wendy Smith share two choruses and a soliloquy from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Henry V and Hamlet

Kenilworth Kids in Wartime – a series of memories of war-time Kenilworth

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day the Talisman Theatre offer our own contribution. Peter James, a theatre member, wrote a book recording the childhood memories of ‘Kenilworth Kids’. We offer a few extracts to mark VE day.

Actors: David Charlton, Maggie Brayshaw and Rex Satchwell and youth group members Lauren McCann, Alfie Sully and Alais McCluskey.

A Plan – by Max Porter features Mick Ives as Kenny and Matt Baxter as Charlie who are planning a bank robbery.

Thank you to Smith Scripts for providing the play free of charge, waving the script and performance rights, all they asked was a contribution to the NHS, which we’ve given.   



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