Join the Talisman Theatre’s 100 Club

For the modest amount of £5 a month you can not only support the Theatre in its development but have a change of winning one of three prizes each month.

How does it work?

  • For a payment of £5 each month you’ll be allocated one draw number.
  • All numbers paid for are entered into the monthly draw.
  • You can purchase more than one ticket.
  • Half the total proceeds will be allocated as prizes each month. If all 100 tickets are bought then total income in a month will be £500, half of which will be paid out in prizes
  • If all 100 tickets are sold the prizes will be:

                         o      £150 first prize

                         o      £75 second prize

                         o      £25 third prize

  • If all 100 tickets are not sold then the prize values will be pro-rated down. If more than 100 tickets are bought the prize month will be pro-rated up.
  • The three lucky winners will receive cheques

How do I enter?

You need to do 3 things please:

1. Read the rules

2. Complete and send us a signed application form.  

Application forms must be signed and can be sent by:

Email to:

Post toTalisman Theatre,  

               Barrow Road,

               Kenilworth CV8 1EG

3. Complete the direct debit below for the number of tickets you want to purchase