Talisman Theatre Company
Annual General Meeting 2021
Sunday 24th October 2021


We are planning to hold our Annual General Meeting at the Theatre on Sunday 24th October 2021.
It may become necessary to change the venue and/or format of the meeting, depending upon the progress of our Building Works and of the Pandemic. We will keep you informed.

Nominations are now invited for the following Officers of the Talisman Theatre Company CIO to serve from October 2021 to October 2022 .

i.    President
ii.  Theatre Director and Chairperson
iii.  Theatre Director and Vice-Chairperson
iv.  Secretary
v.   Artistic Director
vi.  Treasurer
vii. Stage Director
viii. Production Coordinator
ix.   Publicity Manager
x.    Front of House Manager
xi.   Membership Secretary
xii.  Social secretary
xiii. Bar Manager
xiv. Maintenance Manager

Nominations in writing for these positions must be received by the Secretary by 8pm Friday 3rd September 2021.

All Nominations are to be signed by the Proposer, Seconder and Nominee who must all be paid-up Members. Nominees are additionally required to have been members for the full 12 months prior to 24th October 2021.

Nomination Process:

Members will have received a nomination form with the August Talismag or can download a copy of the form below.

By post

Please complete all parts of the form and either post it to the Theatre address or pop it into the Theatre letterbox, to arrive by 8pm Friday 3rd September 2021.

By email

Additionally, because we recognise that obtaining signatures in person due to coronavirus precautions may be difficult, you may use email to make a Nomination, as follows …


The person seeking nomination creates an email which includes their full name and the position for which they wish to be nominated. This email is then sent to their chosen Proposer.


Upon receipt of this email the Proposer Forwards that email to the Seconder after adding their Full Name to the email.


The Seconder then Forwards to the following email address, after adding their full name.


By this process the Secretary will receive an email containing a ‘trail’ with the Nominee’s name and position for which they wish to be nominated, the Proposer’s name and the Seconder’s name. Once the details have been checked, this will form a valid nomination.

The received nominations will be advised in future correspondence to Members, along with the Theatre Trustees’ Report and Accounts.
In the event that there is more than one nomination for any individual office, those individuals will be invited to make a written election statement to the Members.

Please note that only fully paid-up members may attend the AGM.

The Executive Committee will comprise the officers ii to xiv in the above list.

Trustees of the CIO will subsequently be appointed from among the elected Officers. Additionally, Members may propose non-Executive Committee Trustees by following the same process as described above for Officers.

Dik Thacker