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Architecture & Artistry Assemble: Setting the Scene for Pride and Prejudice

Jeevan Nangla, an interior architect and brand designer, joined the Talisman Theatre in the summer of 2022. With his diverse skill set and a deep passion for design, Jeevan brought a comprehensive understanding of various design contexts to the theatre.

Jeevan’s love for theatre and his knowledge of its intricacies were cultivated during his time in Sydney, Australia, where he had the opportunity to work at the renowned Sydney Opera House. Being associated with Opera Australia, the Sydney Theatre Company, and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra provided Jeevan with invaluable experience and insights into the workings of theatre, both on and off the stage.

At the Talisman Theatre, Jeevan collaborated closely with director Corrina Jacob on the production of Pride and Prejudice, which was being adapted for the stage by Andrew Davies from his BBC screenplay. One of the significant challenges in bringing the set design to life was understanding how to seamlessly transition between various house scenes while maintaining a cohesive overall design. 

Jeevan said, “I was keen to make sure that both Corrina and Andrew felt that their production was in safe hands. From my initial chat with Corrina over a coffee to initially meeting with Andrew to discuss my initial concepts, I was keen to demonstrate that the intricacies of how this show could come to life on stage were conveyed.”

Jeevan’s expertise in set design, colour, lighting, and scenery played a pivotal role in enhancing these transitions, making them more immersive and fluid. Together with Corrina’s directorial vision, Jeevan ensured that the audience could effortlessly follow and fully immerse themselves in the world of Jane Austen’s romantic comedy.

He added that it was important to him that the performers felt part of the set design process as well and enjoyed sharing his initial concepts and thinking with the cast. Jeevan stated, “I was keen to establish that my job was to provide the perfect canvas for the cast to then allow this classic story to unravel.”

Jeevan thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the production process, from reading the script and comprehending the mechanical requirements to collaborating with the talented team at the Talisman Theatre. He brought his creative flair to visualize a series of theatre environments that captured the essence of the Regency era, aiming to create an immersive experience for the audience. Simultaneously, Jeevan also prioritized practicality, ensuring that the set design could be efficiently constructed by the stage builders.

However, Jeevan added that his set design will only truly come to life when the curtains open each night saying, “I’m really looking forward to the final piece of the puzzle to drop into place once the production opens as the audience is invited into our space and they come along on the journey with us each night.”

In summary, Jeevan’s passion, skills, and extensive experience made a significant contribution to the success of Pride and Prejudice at the Talisman Theatre. His ability to understand and navigate various design contexts, combined with his collaborative approach, allowed him to bring the production to life in a visually captivating and technically feasible manner.

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