THE TALISMAN THEATRE Diversity Statement for Auditions

“If you audition for plays at The Talisman Theatre you will be cast on ability and suitability for a role, regardless of ethnicity, The only exceptions will be where a particular ethnicity is clearly logical or expressly specified by the author. This has always been so in relation to disability and sexuality and this remains the case. We will also seek opportunities to be creative in casting, for example, changing the gender of a role where an auditionee is the best choice, and where this is coherent within the context of the play. (Please note, occasionally Authors and/or Rightsholders refuse permission for this.)”

Sept 2020



The King’s Speech by David Seidler

The play on which the film starring Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush star.

The play is set in various locations in London during the 1930s.

Audition date: Sunday 5th December 2021 at 10.00 a.m.

Playing Dates: Monday 11th April – Saturday 16th April 2022 (Rehearsals to begin approx. Sunday 20th February)

Director Steve Smith


(All roles are available and there is no pre-casting).
Bertie – Duke of York – Third in line to the Throne. Received Pronunciation +++ and a pronounced stammer, very unsure of himself. Playing age 30’s
Lionel Logue – Speech Specialist who knows his worth and not phased by Royalty. Light Australian Accent (he has lived in Britain for several years). Playing age 40’s upwards.
Elizabeth – Duchess of York – Received Pronunciation ++++ often described as “formidable” and certainly aware of her station, but not unkind. Playing age 30’s
Myrtle Logue – Lionel’s wife. Australian accent and wants to go home. Able to stand up for herself. Playing age 30’s upwards
Cosmo Lang – Archbishop of Canterbury – very well spoken (You-tube videos of him speaking) Playing Age 50’s upwards.
Winston Churchill – say no more – unlit cigar provided! Late 50’s upwards
David – Prince of Wales – future Edward VIII. Received pronunciation +++ Devil may care young Royal and Prince Charming. Playing age early 40’s.
King George V – King! David and Bertie’s father. Bluff, no nonsense, dismissive. Received pronunciation. Playing age 60’s upwards.
Stanley Baldwin – Prime Minister. Very well spoken (You-tube videos of him speaking available). Playing age 50’s upwards.
Wallis Simpson – Virtually non-speaking, but American accent on the odd words she does have. Slim and possibly film starrish. Would be able to double with a backstage role – Prompt/Props/Wardrobe??

The Script is currently available in electronic form. Please email Steve Smith to preview: (A print copy may be available for anyone without email)

For a chat about the play, ring Steve on 01926 633472.