Tea with the Tali

‘The Errand Boy’ by Kevin Scully

Set in the 1820s, a distinguished gentleman receives a visit from a young errand boy bringing him business documents to sign. Sometime in the future this gentleman may pause to reflect upon this meeting.
Featuring: Neil Vallance, Henri West & Vicky Whitehill. Directed by Vicky Whitehill.

‘1101 Wellington Way’ by Vivian C. Lermond

A young man has moved into an apartment next to a curious, elderly lady but he can’t understand her interference in his life and resents her critical attitude.
Featuring: Christine Carpenter, Matt Baxter & John Francis. Directed by Bryan Ferriman.

‘No surgical stockings’ by Alison Shutt

Micky, an accomplished bachelor in his late 60’s and Lizzy a shrewd, sixty-something stylish widow. have adjourned to a hotel for evening drinks after a mutual friend’s funeral and are reminiscing over missed opportunities.
Featuring: Vanessa Comer & Rod Wilkinson. Directed by Vanessa Comer

‘A conversation about Mum’ by John Busser

Walter is sat on a bench at the cemetery, being held to account for his past by Jeremy, the son that he walked out on. As father and son churn over Walter’s memories and regrets, Jeremy urges his dad to try to reconcile with his mother, before it might be too late.
Featuring: Dave Crossfield & Laurie Weston. Directed by Paige Phelps

‘Would You?’ by Rachel Feeny-Williams

Three strangers meet in a bar, favourite drinks in hand and an opportunity to moan about their loves and losses. It’s a perfectly serendipitous evening – or is it? “Would you?” is a perfectly innocent question, until someone asks you.

Featuring: Matt Baxter, Clare Connolly, Sam Harris and James Harris. Directed by Katie-Anne Ray

‘It’s an honour Mr Shakespeare’ by Rachel Feeny-Williams

In a recording studio not far from here, David Tennant prepares to interview William Shakespeare for one of his regular podcasts, that’s not quite as he imagined.
Featuring Matt Baxter and Bryan Ferriman. Directed by Vicky Whitehill.

‘Extrapolation’ by Andi Courtland

Extrapolation is defined the process of estimating or forming an opinion about something, using facts you have now for one situation and supposing they will be relevant to the new one. Take this definition and put yourself into an interview situation – who is being assessed here and for what?
Featuring Gill Halford, Sarah Jane Rose and Kim Arnold. Directed by Rosie Gowers

‘When life gives you lemons’ by Pamela Morgan

Real life mother and daughter, Ann and Suzi Miller, play mother and daughter in this short play. Suzi has been a regular player with Side by Side Theatre Company and Ann’s making her acting debut. Directed by Steve Smith

‘The Missing Halo’ – A Robin Shutcase Mystery by Kathy Buckingham-Underhill

As festive season approaches the Harrison family bring out the tree decorations. There’s 11 months of catching up to do and a mystery to solve for our hero, Robin Shutcase.
Featuring: Kathy, Noah, Olivia, Isabella, Olivia L, Orestis, Graham and Laurie. Directed by Kathy Buckingham-Underhill

‘10,000 Cigarettes’ by Alex Broun

Meet four women, fanatical about smoking, who struggle to escape confrontation with the harsh realities brought about by their most-favoured magical companion.

Featuring:- Paige Phelps, Kay Williams, Sharon Sully & Leigh Walker.  Directed by Paige Phelps

‘Visiting Frank’ by David Hampshire

Set in Poelkapelle British Military War Cemetery in Belgium it’s Boxing Day in 1974 as we join Emily for this beautiful monologue.
Featuring Anne Bennett and John Francis. Directed by Jane Yates.

‘Accessory to a Murder’ by Richard Smithson

Being a copper isn’t just about getting kittens out of trees and looking after old codgers. Chief Inspector Gallstone is trying to make a ‘real’ copper out of PW Sgt Stott but will she find poor old Judd in time?
Featuring Andrew Bayliss and Vicki Hollings. Directed by Andrew Bayliss.

‘Having it Out’ by Richard Smithson

A middle-aged couple find out secrets they’ve kept from each other, whilst at book club and U3A respectively. It seems their ventures into the permissive society are tied in with the man with the strimmer!!
Featuring Kathy Buckingham-Underhill & Graham Buckingham-Underhill.

‘The Surgery’ by Gavyn Lugsden

A short video comedy set in a surgery waiting room where a number of patients discuss their ailments – some more graphically than others! So welcome to Barrow Road Surgery; the Doctor will see you now! Have you got your sample?
Featuring Wendy Morris, Martin Donaldson, Jill Laurie, Sophie Mobberley, Gill Halford, Neil Vallance & Paige Phelps. Directed by David Draper

‘Dummy’ by Ali Gallo

Liz is not happy when her husband Roger calls to say he’s away with work yet again! But this time he’s left a Robo-Roger in his place. How will Liz react to this synthetic substitute?
Co-directed and performed by Paul and Sharon Sully.

‘The Madness of Memory’ By Vivian C. Lermond

This play touchingly explores the difficulties of an increasingly isolated daughter tiptoeing through the ‘mindfield’ of caring for a mother with dementia.
Featuring: Ann Richards and Chris Ives. Directed by Rod Wilkinson.

‘The Penley Green Mystery’ adapted from a short story by Arthur Conan Doyle by Stephen Duckham

Holmes and Watson are enjoying a short holiday in the Devonshire village of Penley Green when they become aware of an unusually large number deaths. Before long they are in the middle of another mystery!
Featuring Steve Smith, David Charlton, Wendy Morris, Rosmary Gowers, Martin Donaldson, Ann Richards and Kevin Wing.

‘Would Like to Meet’ by Matthew Salisbury

Using a borrowed video camera Kate is trying to record her profile piece for an online dating site. Facing the twin challenges of unfamiliar technology and rather familiar alcohol she’s having a bit of a struggle.

‘Photocopy Love’ by Alex Broun

Three people, two propositions, one big binding job…….
Featuring James Proctor, Matt Baxter and Tina Shinkwin. Directed by Katie-Anne Ray.

‘WIN WIN’ by Teresa Robertson

Darren hates his job for the Special Treats Company. He just has time to fit in one quick call before the highlight of his day – the lunch break but will the call ever end!?Featuring Henri West and Teresa Robertson. Directed by Henri and Teresa.

‘Back Scratch’ – by Peter James

Ever thought about the machines you see on the station platform? Can they talk and if so, what about?
Discover the answers in this short, amusing comedy.
Featuring Paige Phelps and Mick Ives. Directed by Mick Ives

‘The Twelve Pound Look’ – By J M Barrie

Adapted by Stephen Duckham

Harry Sims is about to be knighted. On the eve of the ceremony unanswered questions from an incident fourteen years ago are suddenly revealed.
Featuring John Scampion, Vicky Whitehill, Kathy Buckingham-Underhill and Stephen Duckham. Directed by John Scampion.

‘The Murder Mystery Club’ by Vivian C Lermond

A group of murder mystery writers get together to hone their skills. But the results are not at all what they expected!
Featuring Nikki Claire Cross, Jill Laurie, John Fenner and Oliver Jones. Directed by John Fenner.

‘Boluwatife’ (As God Wishes) by Tosin Jobi Tume

Featuring Tito Tosin Jobi Tume and Tife David Tume. It was directed by Tosin Jobi Tume and produced by Steve Smith. The play was recorded at the TCube Theatre Company Studio, Ado-Ekili in Nigeria.

‘In Your Head’ by Jonathan Edgington

Have you ever wondered exactly what goes on in a man’s head? This short comedy considers just that!
Featuring Laura, Esther and Natasha and directed by Amy – all from the Talisman Youth Theatre

‘Green Tea’ by Safia Lamrani

Jack has always copied Lilly’s homework. Now they’re older and applying for jobs, so things get awkward when he copies her dream job application…
Featuring Safia Lamrani, Andrew Houghton and Dave Crossfield Directed by Dave Crossfield & Safia Lamrani. Music by Jonty O’Callaghan


‘Sweet Nothing’ by Richard Smithson

In this gentle comedy, long-time sweethearts, Freddy and Hermione, are enjoying a romantic dinner when a little snag jeopardises their plans.
Featuring Kathy Buckingham-Underhill , Graham  Buckingham-Underhill & Vanessa Comer. Directed by Vanessa Comer.

‘The Séance’ by Adam Lock

A rainy afternoon, a mysterious clairvoyant and a willing client. The scene is set for a journey to beyond the grave. What could possibly go wrong?
Featuring Rod Wilkinson, Steve Smith & Wendy Morris. Directed by Stephen Duckham.

‘Gil and Bill: Twelve o’clock and all’s well’ – by John J Kelly

In this short bit of nonsense, a city sleeper receives a rude awakening.
Featuring Bill Davis and Ginny Davis. Directed by Ginny Davis.

‘Dinner’ by Paul Smith

A young man wakes to find himself tied to a chair in the dining room of an elderly couple. How did he get there and what will he do next?
Featuring Pete Gillam, Anne-marie Greene & Paul Forey. Produced by Paul Forey & Pete Gillam.

‘A Matter of Husbands’ by Ferenc Molnar

Set in the exotic dressing room of a famous Eastern European actress, a young woman, nervously waits within…
Featuring Julie Godfrey & Leigh Walker. Directed by Vicky Whitehill.

‘A Fishy Tale’ by Marc Harris

A gently spooky story set on a Cornish beach.
Featuring Susanne Jackson Mayne, Michael Barker, Neil Vallance & Allanah Harris. Directed by Steve Smith.

‘The Wedding Story’ by Julianne Homokay

A fairy tale wedding, filled with love and hopes for a happy ever after.
Featuring Phil Reynolds, Paige Phelps & Dave Crossfield. Directed by Sally Jolliffe.

Words from the Wars

To mark the centenary of the Royal British Legion, a selection of poems reflecting the impact of war.
Readers: Rex Satchwell, Ann Richards, Dik Thacker, Alice Scott & Henri West. Music performed by Romany Pie. Directed by Dave Crossfield.

‘Romero & Juliet’ by Debra A Cole

During World War II many romances bloomed through letters between young women at home and soldiers overseas. Some love stories defined two different lifetimes; others defined four.
Featuring Ellie Gowers, Wendy Morris, Ben Wellicome & Steve Smith. Directed by Jane Yates.

‘Edge’ by Emily Brauer Rogers

In this dark comedy, Dori and Sarah want to sail on to tomorrow, like Thelma and Louise. But things don’t quite go to plan!
There is some strong language in this play.
Featuring Sally Jolliffe & Dawn Morris. Directed by Jill Laurie.

‘The Man in the Middle’ by Matthew Salisbury

On the pitch the referee makes the decisions. He has power over all the players. But who has power over him? Local assessor Michael tries to unravel the very singular mind of oddball referee Brian.
Featuring Rod Wilkinson & John Francis. Directed by Matthew Salisbury.

‘How are you really?’ by Chiedza Rwodzi

This video play is set in a Counselling Agency. Shorai, a counsellor, is sitting at her desk looking very distressed. She is soon joined by her client Sekai.

Please note: the content of this play is not suitable for children.

Featuring Eyahra Mathazia & Munyaradzi Guramatunhu. Directed by Zaza Muchemwa.

‘Ambition’ by Tony Best

Have you ever thought how exciting it would be to have your fondest wishes come true? Three schoolgirls are given the chance to have just this, but things don’t quite work out the way they hope!
Featuring Findlay, Alais, Lilia, Amy & Ellie. Directed by Caroline McCluskey.