Blackadder Goes Forth

Talisman Theatre and Arts Centre

Barrow Road, Kenilworth CV8 1FN

Monday 28th August - Saturday 2nd September


An evening of classic satirical comedy. 

by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton

Director: David Draper 

Blackadder Goes Forth

Come and revel in four episodes of the stage production of the triumphant World War I sequence of this much-loved BBC TV sitcom, including the inspired finale Goodbyee! 

Join Captain Edmund Blackadder, Baldrick, Captain Kevin Darling, General Melchett, and other favourites in an evening of hilarity and nostalgia.


Monday 28th August at 7:30pm  SOLD OUT
Tuesday 29th August at 7:30pm  SOLD OUT
Wednesday 30th August at 7:30pm  SOLD OUT
Thursday 31st August at 7:30pm  SOLD OUT
Friday 1st September at 7:30pm  SOLD OUT
Saturday 2nd September at 7:30pm  SOLD OUT

We are sorry but all tickets for this show are now SOLD OUT. There may still be wheelchair spaces available for some performances. To book a wheelchair space or to enquire about waitlist/returns etc. please contact Box Office on 01926 856548 (or via our Contact Us page) 



Captain Edmund BlackadderNicky Cheung
Lieutenant the Hon. George Colthurst St BarleighRob Jones
Private Baldrick – Connor Bailey
General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay MelchettJohn Nichols
Captain Kevin Darling – Alan Wales
Corporal Perkins – Henri West
Sergeant Jones – Michael Seeley
Private Fraser – Tim Eden
Private Robinson – Mark Oram
Private Tipplewick – Harry Oram
Nurse Mary Fletcher-BrownDawn Morris
Brigadier Sir Bernard Proudfoot-Smith Henri West
Field Marshal Sir Douglas HaigDavid Graham

Production Assistant/Stage Manager – Jill Laurie
Set Designer – John Ellam
Props – Maurice Smith
Costume – Dee Francis
Lighting Designer – Steve Roberts
Lighting Operators – Richard Crump/Katy Hawke
Sound Designer/Operator – Colin Thomas


Blackadder Goes Forth is the fourth series of the BBC sitcom Blackadder, written by Richard
Curtis and Ben Elton.

The series places the recurring characters of Blackadder, Baldrick,
and George in a trench in Flanders during World War I, and follows their various doomed attempts to escape from the trenches to avoid death under the misguided command of General Melchett.

Set in 1917 on the Western Front in the trenches of World War 1,  Captain Edmund Blackadder is a professional soldier in the British Army who, until the outbreak of the Great War, has enjoyed a relatively danger-free existence fighting natives who were usually “two feet tall and armed with dried grass”. Finding himself trapped in the trenches with another “big push” planned, his concern is to avoid being sent “over the top” to certain death.

The series thus chronicles Blackadder’s attempts to escape the trenches through various schemes, most of which fail due to bad fortune, misunderstandings and the general incompetence of his comrades, his second-in-command, idealistic upper-class Edwardian twit Lieutenant George St Barleigh and their profoundly stupid but dogged batman Private S. Baldrick.

More than the Germans, who are unseen, Blackadder’s nemeses come in the form of his superior, the eccentric General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett, who rallies his troops
from a French château 35 miles from the front, and Melchett’ s bureaucratic assistant, Captain Kevin Darling. 

Despite the two being of equal rank, Blackadder treats Darling with contempt – while the former is on the front line, the latter is “folding the general’s pyjamas”. Their animosity is
mutual, largely as a result of Blackadder exploiting the comic potential of Darling’s surname at every opportunity.

It has been a great challenge and a great privilege to bring Blackadder to the Talisman stage; I hope you enjoy the show as much as we all have in producing it.

David Draper – Director

Talisman Theatre and Arts Centre

Barrow Road, Kenilworth CV8 1FN


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