Murder By Misadventure

Talisman Theatre and Arts Centre

Barrow Road, Kenilworth CV8 1FN

Monday 6th - Saturday 11th November 2023


A classic murder mystery that will keep you guessing to the end.

by Edward Taylor 

Director: Dave Crossfield

Murder By Misadventure

What happens when two award winning writers who have worked together for years start to hate each other? Harry Kent invested wisely and now lives in a sun drenched luxury flat high above the Sussex coast. It is a hi-tech paradise with only one snag: it’s built on the site of an ancient British sacrificial stone where black magic was practiced and comes with strange noises in the night. Paul Riggs, has spent his fees on booze and birds, and lives in dread of the bookies’ heavies. Harry wants to break the partnership that is Paul’s lifeline, but Paul knows a sinister secret from Harry’s past. They find themselves locked together in a dance from which murder seems the only escape.

Monday 6th November at 7:30pm SOLD OUT
Tuesday 7th November at 7:30pm SOLD OUT
Wednesday 8th November at 7:30pm SOLD OUT
Thursday 9th November at 7:30pm SOLD OUT
Friday 10th November at 7:30pm SOLD OUT
Saturday 11th November at 7:30pm SOLD OUT
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Harry Kent – Des McCann
Emma Kent – Ruth MacCallum
Paul Riggs – Alan Wales
Inspector Egan – Christopher Stanford

Director – Dave Crossfield
Set Designer – John Ellam
Stage Manager – Emi Burrows 
Wardrobe – Dee Francis assisted by Barbara Port, Margaret Clifford and Katy Hawke
Lighting Designer – Nigel Elliott
Sound Designer – Richard Crump
Props – Catherine Weston


If you were at the height of your powers and dripping with success, ensconced for years in a lavish lifestyle of award ceremonies and exotic holidays, and someone threatened to take it all away from you, what would you do to save it?

Despite their success as TV thriller writers, Harold Kent has become dissatisfied with Paul Riggs, his writing partner, and wants to dissolve their association. Riggs, however, knows that he would not survive as a writer without Harold, and is determined to keep the partnership alive at any cost. In a glamorous apartment overlooking the Sussex coast in 1992, a series of events unravel as a consequence of the worst traits of human nature are unleashed.

This is not a classic whodunnit but a thriller that teases your sense of reality and, ultimately, leads you down a path to a shocking conclusion. Edward Taylor’s engaging thriller presents an enigma that will draw an audience into its dark plot.

It’s always a pleasure to shape the drama between actors on stage and especially so in this genre of story telling. Four established actors will weave the audience into a strange and mysterious atmosphere of unpredictability.

Dave Crossfield

Talisman Theatre and Arts Centre

Barrow Road, Kenilworth CV8 1FN